The Traveling Titas of Manila

Ideas, tips, and inspiration for Moms who plan trips


About us.

Behind this blog are 2 Titas who love to daydream and plan trips, it is also our good fortune  to be next door neighbours!

Our shared blog hopes to give our readers insights, advice, ideas and inspiration from Traveling Titas Jennie & Pinky. We’ve recently added Traveling Titas & Co. where our like minded friends get to share their travel stories as well. We let you in on our hits and also our misses and hope you can use the information when you plan your next adventure whether solo, with friends and definitely with family.


Full time mother, part time TV Producer – sometimes the other way around. Now that my kids are teenagers, travelling has become much more enjoyable and also quite demanding with individual agendas to consider. But there’s nothing like discovering new places and new experiences together. On whatever budget, there’s something magical about travel that strengthens the ties that bind.

Producing 2 TV shows,  FoodPrints and Casa Daza for Metro Channel has given me the unique opportunity to travel and eat extensively in the Philippines and in many different countries. What I gained in pounds I also gained in knowledge! Knowledge I would love to share with you.


A Manila-born ilongga, wife, and mom to three teenage boys, I too believe that travel – whether solo, as a couple, with family, or with friends – is primarily about creating memories.

Totally unrelated to my day job, I’m happiest when planning trips for family and friends.

Though basically still faithful to the type of budget-conscious independent travel that I did in my early 20s, my personal travel style has since evolved – currently preferring trips that focus more on experiencing a city’s lifestyle over crossing off my bucket list of must-sees (which totally shifts, by the way, when visiting a city for the first time or traveling with kids).

Opting for cooler climates (why go from one hot place to another?), and never traveling in rubber shoes (long story!) nor without makeup (another long story!), I hope that sharing my experiences would encourage more women, couples, and families to take the plunge and finally go on that trip they’ve been dreaming of.