I actually did the math to see if paying a flat rate was more cost effective than paying per museum.

Posted by Jennie

So here’s the lowdown on whether or not the Vienna Pass is worth it.  The cost of the pass is E320 for 4 people for 2 days. I got it online at 10% off. It allows free access to over 60 museums in Vienna plus unlimited rides on the Hop On Hop Off and a Danube River Cruise.

The sweeping entrance to the Kunsthistorisches Museum or the KHM. 
The Belvedere Museum, home of Klimt’s masterpiece, The Kiss.

Check out the breakdown of the amount for all the museums we went to, had we paid per entrance. There were 4 of us, but my daughter is 16 and was free in most museums.

Kunsthistoriches E15 x 3 = E45

Natural History Museum E10 x 3 = E30

Leopold E13 x 2 E9 x 2 = E44

Albertina E12.90 x 2 E8.50 x 1 = E34.30

Schonbrunn E24 x 4 = E96

Museum of Military History E6x2 = E12

Belvedere E20x2 E19x1 = E59

Imperial Crypt E5.50 x 3 E4.50×1 = E21

Austrain National Library E8x4 = E32

Hop On Hop Off E34 x 3 E22 x 1 = E200

The total amount came to E573.30. I paid E320 for the Vienna Pass. So at first glance the Vienna Pass is a steal. BUT – yes there is a but.

If I were to do it all over again, these are the museums I would visit.

The Leopold for sure! 

Let’s see if the Vienna Pass costs more or less.

Kunsthistoriches E15 x 3 = E45

Leopold E13 x 2 E9 x 2 E26 + E18 = E44

Albertina E12.90 x 2 E8.50 x 1 = E34.30

Museum of Military History E6x2 = E12

Belvedere E20x2 E19x1 = E59

Imperial Crypt E5.50 x 3 E4.50×1 = E21

Total E215.30 (without the Hop On/ Hop Off)

So had I not purchased the Vienna Pass and only went to the museums above, I would have saved give or take E100. However had we not gone to all the museums we went to – we wouldn’t have known what was to our liking.

Hop On/ Hop Off Yes or No?

Included in the fee was a 2 day Hop On / Hop Off pass for unlimited rides. I don’t think it’s necessary. On our first museum day, all museums were within walking distance of each other, inside the Ringstasse, so there was no need for the bus. For museums outside the Ringstrasse, like Schonbrunn and Belvedere, I would advise taking the subway or an uber. The Hop On Hop Off bus hits numerous stoplights and makes too many stops – including the train station which is quite a detour especially since you’re trying to see as many museums as possible.

The Imperial Crypt may not be to everyone’s liking. This is the burial chambers of the Habsburgs. 

Most Museums are FREE for 19 year olds and below.

I realized belatedly that it was not necessary to purchase a Pass for my 16 year old daughter because she was free in most museums. Here’s a tip, for your teens, have them bring their school ID, it’s asked for sometimes in order to be let in for free.

The Pass is worth it if you maximize your day and start early.

To make the most of the pass, you really have to make a commitment to begin the day early as most museums close at 5pm. We missed the chance to go inside Schonbrunn because by the time we got there at 12nn, the next available schedule to enter the palace was at 3:30pm. We chose to go to Belvedere instead. We did get to see the beautiful gardens and the maze of the Schonbrunn though.

Rose Garden
Because of poor planning, we weren’t able to enter Schonbrunn Palace, but we did enjoy the gardens. Make Schonbrunn your first destination. Be there before they open at 9am.

Skipping the lines.

In most museums, having the pass allows you to skip the lines. In other museums, you have to have your pass scanned and then a ticket will be issued to you.  As for lines for regular tickets, they were never too long. A 10 minute wait at the most.

The Albertina has more contemporary art like this Keith Haring.
The impressive Austrian National Library, also covered by the Vienna Pass.

Vienna Pass, Yes or No?

So would we recommend purchasing a Vienna Pass? If you’ve already identified the museums you want to see and you want to linger, then NO, do not get the pass. If you’re looking to see as many museums as possible, if you can squeeze in time for a Danube Cruise and sight seeing on the Hop On/ Hop Off then YES, the pass will be worth it.

But whether or not you decide to get a Vienna Pass, the museums in Vienna are outstanding and definitely worth it!

Where to get your Vienna Pass?

If you purchased it online you can claim your Vienna Pass at the airport or at the city centre (in the Metro Station facing the Opera) you just have to show the confirmation.

Also at the KHM, The Tower of Babel by Pieter Brueghel the Elder.