The Traveling Titas of Manila are signing off for the holidays, but before we do we would like to send out a BIG THANK YOU to our readers from 40 countries (and counting)! We’ve published 62 posts and have gotten 9,088 hits from 2,052 unique visitors since we started our blog in September of this year. We’ve enjoyed sharing our experiences with you and we hope you’ve enjoyed reading about them as well.

Thank you, too, to all our contributors on Traveling Titas & Co.

We look forward to more travels in 2017 and as always we would love to have you along. Have a Merry Christmas in whatever part of the world you may be! We’ll be back in January!

Jennie & Pinky

Hand painted crystal ornaments, Salzburg Christmas Markets


Weekend Christmas Market, Mainz, Germany
Hotel Europa, Heidelberg
Lanterns light up the sky in Salzburg