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Posted by Jennie

Our most recent trip to Europe coincided with Adele’s European Tour. I checked our dates and saw that I could do a side trip to Amsterdam to watch Adele. I immediately went on line to see if there were tickets available. On there were a limited number of tickets to the Adele concert at the Ziggo Dome. The tickets were pricey, but hey it’s Adele!

After reading that I could resell my tickets anytime, I hit the purchase button. The confirmation email came immediately and said I would receive my tickets no later than 3 days before the event.

Yahoo! I’m on my way to see Adele.

Of course, plans change and Amsterdam was no longer part of our itinerary. So I put my Adele tickets on sale on the Viagogo site as instructed, which could be done even if you didn’t have your tickets yet. Tickets are sent to you via email and you download them and then upload them again if you want to sell them.

3 days before the concert – Viagogo informs me that there is a buyer for the tickets (thank goodness!)  and asks me to upload my tickets immediately. The problem is I have no tickets yet. Viagogo has not emailed the tickets for download. I email them and get no reply even if it says concerns about concerts happening in 3 days will be prioritised.

2 days before the concert – Viagogo informs me I will be fined if I do not upload the tickets and will pay for replacement tickets for the buyer. What??? Really??? I email them again to tell them that I DON’T HAVE MY TICKETS YET and label as URGENT and again get no response

The day of the concert – I am dying of stress! And I’m supposed to be on vacation! I wake up at 6am and check my email. The Adele tickets are ready for download! Really, on the day of the concert!!!  I download them immediately and upload to the Sellers site. Sale goes through!  I am asked to provide my bank details which I do. Money transfer should be completed within 7 working days. But no, it can’t be as east as that. Transfer does not happen. After repeated emails to Viagogo I get no reply from them other than a standard “We will look into your concern.”

I try getting paid thru PayPal since the bank transfer failed. I figure this out without any guidance or instruction from Viagogo. I was not even informed that the bank transaction failed. Finally the PayPal transaction was successful and payment came through on July 13, a full 5 weeks since the concert.

My rant doesn’t end here. I purchased 2 tickets for E739.65 or P39,366.59.


The actual cost of the tickets as I found out later on when the tickets were finally emailed to me was only E173.80 or P9250.20 if purchased through TicketMaster. That’s what I call insult to injury!!! Big time!adele1

So really Viagogo is a real No-No!!! Boo!!